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06 Februar 2011 @ 13:52
My Livejournal is pretty much dead. I am not really using it anymore.
But I moved to Blogspot:

Please check my blog out there. I post really regular now! Leave a comment!
and I also made a youtube channel!

which you can find here:

Hope to see you there and have fun with you!

I basically use both to show you what it is like to live in Hong Kong as a forgeiner!
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08 August 2010 @ 21:35
I wrote a really long blog entry yesterday and when I was done with it and just wanted to upload a picture at the end, fucking opera closed for no reason, so then everything was lost and I was to tired to do it again.

I am gonna repost everything in a shorter version now, because I just don't feel like taking that much time again. Especially because no one ever fucking comments, so why even doing it, if nobody cares?

On Day 4 we went to China Town. It used to be really small, so I called it China Street, but it is really big by now. There are a lot of grocery stores with yummy food and Restaurants. Also a lot of stuff for phones and clothes, jewelery and bags. I bought a glitter back for my new flip camera and a cute cake ring.

Check out the iPhone Cases they had:

After that we went to Covent Garden. I love that place it is so cute and the street artists are really great there. Pila even had to participate in a show, it was funny.

In the evening we went to watch Avenue Q!!!!!!! I wanted to see that Musical in forever, but we don't have it in Germany, so it was the perfect opportunity.
It was so amazing. I loved it. I could watch it again right now.
If you have the chance go watch it.

On Day 5 we visited a lot of places: Cleopatra's Needle, Millenium Bridge (yahhh...Harry Potter freaks know it!), Tate Modern (Pila actually got interested in Art o.O I guess miracles still happen), St. Pauls and Harrods.

I also promised you a picture of the night shoot we did. Here you go:

Today we went to the London Dungeon. I love that place. I already was excited beforehand. I have to say, it has gotten even better. It is bigger now and there are more attractions. Besides they changed the Jack The Ripper Tour quite a bit. It really kind of freaked me out. It takes a lot to scare me. So well done. I really had a "horrible" Time! Thank you Dungeon.

Furthermore we went to a Manga Store called Tokyo Toys, it was kind of disappointing. I thought it would be a lot bigger. After that we went to Forbidden Planet. That store really impressed me though. It was huge and they had all kind of Manga, Twilight, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Comic stuff. I loved it. We already decided to go back there on our last day and spent the money we still have there *_*

Also we went to Oxford Street. It was so crowed today. I really wanted to go into Primark, but there were so many ppl. I just wanted to get out. I bought some nice ballerina shoes though at the new brand. And I saw an iPod Radio Station at HMV that looked like a Panda. It was brilliant. I really want it, but I don't know if I can take it back like that. So I don't know if I will get it.
Then we had dunch(Lunch/Dinner) at Pizza Hut, actually the first food that wasn't Burger or Sandwich since we got here, so yah for that.

Ohhh, when talking about eating. I found a Krispy Kreme store *_* They have the best Donuts in the whole world. I didn't even knew they had those in Britian. I totally had a Do-gasm eating a Donut today.
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05 August 2010 @ 20:30
So I know this day isn't over yet. I am still gonna post now, because I won't feel like it later.
I will tell you why in a minute, but first let me tell you what we have been up to so far.

We started the day with Topshop in Oxford Street again, because Pila really wanted to try on some pants. Well, he bought two really nice onces by the way. After I dragged him out of the store (he kind of became an shopping addict. It really freaks me out. Aren't only girls supposed to be obsessed with clothes?) we went to Westminster to check out the London Eye and all the street artist around there.

Here are some impressions taken by Pila:

London Eye

Street Artist

Jack Sparrow typing a message with his phone

After that we went over the Bridge to the House of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.

Later on we went to Notting Hill. OMG. They have so extremly cool stuff there. I bought 5 dresses. If I would have more money I propably would have bought more like 100 dresses.

We will go out again later when the sun is down, to take more pics at night.
So even though our feet hurt already, we love the city and are excited to do stuff.
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05 August 2010 @ 00:12
...how I kind of promised to blog kind of regulary from London?

Yeah, I lied. (As some of you already may have noticed.
Today is our 2nd Day in London. So I will give you a quick recap what happened so far.


We got up at 4 am. Took the plane at 7:25 to London Heathrow.
Then got to our Hotel and checked in. Went done to Oxford Street to get some money from the Citibank and walked around a little bit. After that we went to Tesco (if you don't know Tesco it is like German Aldi and like a small American Walmart sort of), to get stuff to eat and drink.
Back at the Hotel we took a nap. Well, actually mostly Pila did. I only slept for like 20 min. or so.

In the Evening we got ready to go to the Dir en Grey concert. It was amazing. They played a lot of old songs, which is great, because I am not a big fan of the new stuff. The Koko Club was extremly pretty. I wish we would have awesome clubs like that in Germany.

I promise I will upload some Vlogs and stuff later, but I need to cut it first.

Day 2:

We hung out with some really great people we meet at the concert, we did some shopping together and then we went to Camden Town got some really good Burgers and walked around for a bit.

Actually I wanted to do some sightseeing today. Kind of didn't really work out. Pila rather wanted to go shopping xD. I know he can be so manly sometimes. So we went to Oxford Street. Straight into Topshop. And if you don't know anything about the Topshop at Oxford Street let me tell you that is one big ass shop. It has 5 floors 2 for men, 2 for women and 1 only for accesoires.

I bought a really cute dress. It was kind of an overstimulation for me. There was just so much to look at. We went to some other stores as well, but I really don't want to name them all.
I bought some really cute black shoes and a skirt so far. Of course more to follow.

The weather today was really kind of rainy, at first we forgot to take an umbrella so we had to go get it later on. Well, I guess that is just about it and the short version of our first two days.

Gonna get back to you guys <3

Hope you have as much fun right now as I do.

P.S. My feet hurt like hell!
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28 Juli 2010 @ 19:28
Ahh, I am so sorry you guys. You just all know how bad I am with blogging. I am just not that much of a blogger.
Why do I have an account then you ask? Well, I don't know. xD

Anyways, so I am on my summer break since yesterday. Today I went to the Zoo with my mum, nothing to special, but it was lots of fun.

Besides that. I am going to London in a couple of days. I am really excited about it. My last vacation was quite a while ago. It is about time I get out of the country. I might be blogging regulary around that time. Haven't really decided that yet. Which means I am going to try, but in the end I am propably to lazy to do so (yes, I want you to beg for it. JK)

"There's no place like London"- Sweeney Todd
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08 März 2010 @ 12:23
Boah ich könnte gerade so kotzen..... was soll ich denn bitte auf der LBM, wenn das Congress Center nicht mehr für Besucher zugänglich ist??? Ist ja wohl ein Witz!!!!!!!!!!!!
Die zerstören doch sonst mein ganzes Cosplay...<.< Könnt kotzen...
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14 Februar 2010 @ 22:16
So all of you a happy valentine's day! My day was rather lame, because my boyfriend is sick, so there is not a lot going on with him, but I still got a lovely present <3

Sweet star earings from swarowski <3

So my saturday, actually was far better. I spent the day with my mum and her boyfriend, we went out to eat, did some shopping and went to the movies.

I found a black coat <3 Which my mum is gonna give to me for easter. Sooo I dont have it yet, but it is a really cute one.
At the cinema we saw Percy Jackson. It was an ok film. The story idea was brilliant, but the movie just wasn't fluent, like they never explained they just stated the facts, at least for me I sometimes just wondered, why something happened.

We ended the day @ Berlin Hauptbahnhof, were they celebrated the chinese new year with an awesome firework with chinese music.

And my mum also had a valentine gift for me and before I tell you what it is, just let me say that my mum is crazy!!!! I love her for that.

A Vivienne Westwood purse, which I am already deeply in love with.

Hope you also had a great day or weekend ^^
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25 Januar 2010 @ 16:17
Haaaaa, ok. So it's time to let you know what I am up to, even though nobody cares I guess.
Well, last week I met with Eras so he could hand me over my AnCafe Merchndise from their last live.

<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 (Yes, I am aware of the fact that I am weird)

And besides that I babysitted my mums cat on the weekend, because they made a short trip to the Elbsandsteingebirge.

Yeah, that picture is from my photoshot with him. xD I think he looks so gangster on that pic.

Well, and now I am back in Berlin and I really don't feel motivated, which is bad. The end of the semester is near and I have to start learning and writing term papers....but all I do is being lazy...<.<
Ok, now I am gonna try to find my motivation somewhere. xD
I rather read twilight stuff or think about cosplays or well I woudl even prefer cleaning than studying xDDDD
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05 Januar 2010 @ 17:33
Since I need some money and I don't wear visual looking clothes anymore I figured, I could sell some stuff.
I ship worldwide. Ask for the shipping fee. Price is negotiable. I only accept paypal.(In Germany I also accept bank transfer)
Combinded shipping is welcome.
If you want to be sure how reliable I am, you can look me up on ebay, my user name is: 0shinya0
If you have any questions please ask. I am also very happy to take more pictures if you want them.

So here it goes:

GLP black/red Skirt:

Size: S/M (stretch in the back), worn once, Price: 45€/65$

white hair circlet:

only worn once, Price: 8€/11$

h.Naoto blood bag:

Price: 40€/ 58

2 skirts+ legwarmers:

can be worn as singles or together:

Size: S/M (stretch),Worn 3 times, 35€/ 50$

Leopard Winter Jacket (Cat ears, Cat tale) :



Size: S/M(stretch), Worn once, 45€/ 65$

Ribbon chain gold:

Prize: 10€//15$


Pink Leopard fur belt:

Purple studd belt:

Belt: 8€/11$

Shirt Tie:

Size: Small, Price: 8€/10 US-$

Emily the strange Shirt red:


Size: Small, Price: 15€/19US-$

Bunny Shirt:

One Size, Small/Medium, Only worn once, Price: 18€/23US-$

Cute pink shoes:

Size: 39/8, never worn (was a present), Price:15€/19 US-$

sweater FXXK:

Really comfy sweater, Size: Small, Price: 12€/16 US-$

Bou like sleeves:

One Size, stretch, Price: 5€/6US-$

Pink/black fur bangle:

One Size, Price: 3€/4US-$

chequer Hip Hero Skirt:


Back, This skirt comes with a frill add, which can be taken off:

Worn once, it is stretch, Size: Small, Price:18€/23 US-$

Asian style shirt:


Size: XS, Pirce: 10€/13 US-$

Oversized Putumayo Jacket with Devil Horns:


The picture is crappy, but it looks really cute worn, Size: One Size, Price: 25€/32 US-$

Cute Black dresslike Jacket with fur hood:

Fur Hood:

Can be taken off, also can the sleeves


Size:S/M, Never worn, Price:40€/52US-$

Hope you find something you like.
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16 Dezember 2009 @ 16:54
So it was snowing all day and now everything is white outside.

There is only one bad thing about the weather. It made me sick....

Besides that we did a nice thing in class I wanted to share with you. So here you have a text without punctuation. With this text you can make either a love letter or a hate letter out of it.

Dear Jack I want a man who knows what love is all about you are generous kind thoughtful people who are not like you admit to being useless and inferior you have ruined me for other men I yearn for you I have no feelings whatsoever when were apart I can be forever happy will you let me be yours Jill

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